Organization and Staffing

The Men’s Home focuses on socialization and functional group living as part of the path to independent living. It is a recovery home that offers the support and guidance of a 12-step recovery program. It provides no medical treatment or formal educational programs; rather, it is a healthful, instructive environment that is intended to guide sober men in their recovery from alcoholism.

The Home is entirely self-supporting through group, individual, and other contributions, plus rents received from its residents. It is not funded by any government, professional, or business organization. Policy and overall guidance are set by a nine-member volunteer Board of Trustees composed of long-term members of the local community who meet on a monthly basis.

The staff includes a full-time resident manager and a part-time assistant manager. Residents support day-to-day management of The Home by cooking, cleaning, and serving breakfast to Sunday morning visitors.


With the blessing of the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Headquarters in New York, The Men’s Home was started in 1952 with only the general guideline: “….keep the entire operation within A.A. confines” – Ann Macfarlane, Secretary.

Originally located in downtown Washington, The Home moved in 1966 to its present location in the residential neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria, just off Route 1, south of Crystal City and Reagan National Airport, and north of Old Town (see below.)

Built in the early 1920s, the three-story brick house features sleeping quarters, large living and dining areas, a home-style kitchen, a private office, laundry facilities, and a large front porch. In the back is a small lawn and cookout area that is often the site of holiday cookouts and events for the residents and visitors.

Our Location