The Home is supported entirely by private funding.

We receive no government support.

The full operating and maintenance costs of The Home are funded by rents paid by residents and private contributions. We maintain affordable rent for the residents, which means we operate at a loss, and that the Board of Trustees must raise the bulk of the necessary funding – an average of $20,000 to $30,000 in annual contributions to cover this planned operating deficit.

This significant financial support comes from members of Alcoholics Anonymous, their friends and families, and other community members who understand the cost to society of untreated alcoholism. These supporters – usually about 400 individuals – usually contribute in modest amounts to The Home, and we believe that we maximize the assistance of this loyal base of supporters.

Therefore, The Home always seeks additional forms of support to cover operating expenses – which, for the over 80-year-old Home, have of course risen substantially in recent years. We must cover energy costs, repairs, staff salaries, insurance, and all other costs associated with operating and maintaining the residential facility. Its continued successful operation is crucial: We estimate that since The Home’s inception in 1952, more than 2,500 men have benefited from its structured and nurturing environment.

Many have gone on to rebuild their personal lives and hold responsible positions in the community. In turn, their families, friends, employers and the community in general have benefited from the men’s sobriety. The Men’s Home 60-year history of successful operation without government assistance is one of our principal accomplishments and illustrates both the commitment of the community and the validity of our program.

All donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with a receipt. To contribute, either use the Paypal/CC links or mail your donation to:

The Men’s Home
402 Hume Avenue,
Alexandria, VA  22301

The Men’s Home now accepts gifts of stock and mutual funds. In addition to receiving an income tax deduction, you may also avoid capital gains on the appreciation of your stocks. If you’d like to make a stock gift, please contact the Men’s Home office or call 703-683-3622 for more information.