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A s stated in its charter, the purpose of The Men’s Home is “to provide a home-like environment for alcoholics who are sincere in wanting to recover from alcoholism: to provide food, bed, information, fellowship and the sharing of spiritual values which are a part of that recovery; to expose the alcoholic to other recovering alcoholics so that, together, they can regain self respect, confidence, and a useful place in the community; and to help attain sobriety through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

For the newly recovering man, The Home provides an alternative residence and family environment. It encourages new patterns of social relationships and supports the healing process of alcoholism recovery.

With a singular focus on providing a living environment to help men in early recovery transition to full, healthy, and functional lives, The Men’s Home is not a boarding house or a treatment center. It is not formally affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, although it is supported by many members and groups of the Washington-area AA community through financial and other contributions, resident sponsorship, and fellowship.

The Men’s Home has served recovering men for over 60 years with the sole support of private contributions,  which are tax deductible.

The Men's Home


Memorial Day Cookout

W e’ll be grilling it up again this year

Yes indeed, The Men’s Home will be grilling up some spring fare this Monday, May 28th for the Memorial Day holiday.

Nothing formal, just burgers, dogs and whatever folks decide to bring along. Kids are welcome, as are dogs but they have to stay outside (the dogs, we mean.)

We’ll get the food out about 2:30 and wrap up about 5:30 p.m. Come on by, grab some chow and re-connect with your neighbors in the recovery community.

TMH Cookout

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The April Men’s Home newsletter is online

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We publish a quarterly newsletter to keep our friends up to date on how things are going at The Home. It comes out in print and digital formats and we invite you to subscribe. Please have a look, the new April edition can be found by clicking here:



New Parking Restrictions

B eginning on Monday, April 2nd

Anyone parking on our block (400 block, Hume Ave.) will need a permit to park more than two hours during the week.

Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, a permit will be required or you will get a ticket. Saturdays and Sundays are exempted. For more information:




Thank you all for your continued support.
Because of you, the Home works.


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